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Welcome to This is the website of the main Amithlon author. Here you will find all sorts of up-to-date news, as well as answers to hopefully all of your Amithlon questions.

Important: A statement concerning the distribution situation of Amithlon is now online.

Amithlon is a low-level Amiga emulator for current x86 PCs. It provides very high performance CPU emulation, as well as a translation layer that lets AmigaOS use common PC hardware without the usual drawbacks of emulators. The philosophy behind the development of Amithlon was not to create an Amiga emulator that runs on top of some PC OS, but to turn a current PC into an Amiga. With Amithlon, AmigaOS is in the driver's seat, and directly controls all the hardware.

Please note that this is not an official site by Haage&Partner, who used to be the exclusive worldwide distributors for Amithlon; Their Amithlon site is here. Please note that while their site might still offer Amithlon for sale, they no longer have any license to sell Amithlon.
This site just has information that has been made available in the hope that it might be useful and that it might make your Amithlon experience more enjoyable.

While you should direct support queries to Haage&Partner, who as part of being exclusive distributor took on all support duties, you might have a question that you think can only be answered by the actual authors. In that case, you can contact me (Bernd Meyer) at, and Harald, who is responsible for the Amiga side mouse, network and ISDN drivers, at

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